About Stanford Taxidermy

I started practicing the art of taxidermy as a young boy in 1984. As the years passed, I got more involved and started competing in State, Regional, and even World Competitions, winning numerous awards. I have traveled all over north america,Africa,Argentina,Australia.south America,and Russia to collect specimens and study them in their natural habitat. I have enjoyed and love to put them back as close as I can to what God has created in nature ... only God can create them better. So the next time you harvest the trophy of a lifetime, let us at Stanford Taxidermy Studio make your trophy our trophy. We offer custom show room set up and delivery of your trophies to your show room. We can create you breath taking dioramas that your hunting partners will be in awe when they walk to not your trophy room. I have over 30 years of studying and recreating animals from all over the world , so let us take care of your next trophy or trophies .

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